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Family Insights l Chapter 7 - Ellie

In yesterday’s post we spoke to Ellie, a mum of one from Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Have a read of this insight from Ellie and her parenting experiences. 

The valuable insight of this interview is the way that Social Media impacts our lifes, as parents. Read on..


"I think that social media plays a huge part in the way that people parent today and how open people are about their parenting choices. When I was born, Social Media wasn’t really a thing, so people didn’t have other folks constantly judging you, or what you were doing with your child. I think that’s what affects parents these days. Social Media has its good sides as well, but I feel we have to be very careful with the bad ones. It's all about balance. You need to be aware that life on Social Media seems perfect, when it is not always like that, you need to be careful not to compare yourself with other parents and just to understand that whatever works for them, for their family, it might not work for you."


Through our Family Insights, we are trying to shine a light on a valuable idea from the previous interview, something that other parents can learn from. Life is not always glamorous and fun, sometimes it involves struggles and difficulties, but we aim to provide honesty and motivation, to understand that happiness comes from overcoming obstacles…

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