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Family Insights l Chapter 6 - Terri

In yesterday’s post we spoke to Terri, a Mum of two from United Kingdom. Have a read of this insight from Terri and her parenting experiences. 

When I got pregnant with my second daughter in January, she was not planned, I hate to admit, but I really regretted it, I did not think she would fit in the family, I did not think I would be able to cope with it, specially with me being bipolar, but in the end it proved to me that everything happens for a reason, so now I absolutely love her, it was a though pregnancy, I was not ready for a second baby. It prooved to me once again that life gives you what you need, not what you want. Now, I am so so happy with her and with my family.


Through our Family Insights, we are trying to give a glimpse into what it actually means to be a Parent, it is not always glamorous and fun, sometimes it involves struggles and difficulties, but we aim to provide honesty and motivation, to understand that happiness comes from overcoming obstacles…


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