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Family Insights l Chapter 9 - Hayley Fedorowicz

In yesterday’s post we spoke to Hayley, mum of Rafferty, from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Have a read of this insight from Hayley and her parenting experiences. 


“They make you find fun in the little things. You do your best to provide for your child in every way possible and it’s such a feeling of accomplishment to see them enjoying their life. Rafferty makes me laugh every single day. I’ll spend the rest of my life finding ways to repay him for the sheer amount of happiness he’s brought me”


Through our Family Insights, we are trying to shine a light on a valuable idea from the previous interview, something that other parents can learn from. Life is not always glamorous and fun, sometimes it involves struggles and difficulties, but we aim to provide honesty and motivation, to understand that happiness comes from overcoming obstacles…

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