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Family Stories l Chapter 11 - Mary

Here on our blog we’re shining a light on Mums from all walks of life. In this article we talk to Mary, mum of two, based in Cardiff, Wales, read on to see what she has to say on all things parenting…



1. What does Parenting mean to you?

For me, being a parent means the most beautiful thing ever happened to me and in the same time the biggest accomplishment. Don't get me wrong though, it involves a lot of responsability, obligations and unconditional love.


2. How did your life changed after having your first child?

When a baby shows up in your life, it changes everything. No one really prepares you to be a parent, so at the beginning I was very scared, but slowly I started to get used with this new challenge and all the lifestyle changes that came with it. You learn how to be a parent every single day, by doing things and that gives you a lot of satisfaction. I guess the most beautiful thing after you become a parent is that no one can take this role away from you, except God maybe.


3.In your opinion, what’s the most rewarding aspect of parenting?

For me, the most satisfaying aspect of this journey is having a friendship relationship with my kids. A child has to be listened and guided, in order to develop the way he should. The biggest satisfaction I had it was when they finished college, I am so happy for both of them and I know they will not fail, in the long run, on short term failing is ok.


4.How is Parenting today comparing to the way you have been raised by your parents?

I feel like raising kids today is easier today compared with the way I have been raised by my parents. I have been raised with strict rules, which I hated because there was no freedom in that. So, I decided, when I will be a parent I will give my kids more freedom, not take decisions for them and listen to what they want first. And I think I did very well because now we are all happy with the results.


5.What was the hardest moment in this journey, as a family, to overcome? 

Being a parent is a beautiful thing but very difficult as well. The hardest moment for me it was when they grew up, went to college, and then they got jobs in different cities, far away from home. But despite that, I got used to it. They visit often, we call each other, so we're good. If they feel good with whatever they are doing and where they doing, then I am happy.


6. What annoys you the most about Parenting?

There's a few things here but they all get solved with patience. There's no point in mentioning them, let's remember the good things. Also, from my point of view there is no reason to get mad when you are a parent, it was your decision and you should be aware of that. I understand that sometimes it happens to become a parent, it was not planned, but that is a talk for another time.


7. Now is your chance to embarrass your kid – tell me an embarrassing story!

Ah, nothing really comes up my mind, seriously. 


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