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Family Stories l Chapter 3 - Anne Sophie

Here on our blog we’re shining a light on Mums from all walks of life. In this article we talk to Anne-Sophie. She’s an Entrepreneur based in Paris who designs under the brand L’Atelier 13. As a Mum of 4 she pursues her various passions through documenting her life on Instagram.


What does parenting mean to you?

To me, parenting is helping my children grow up to become as happy, independent and fulfilled human beings as possible! It means setting up a framework. That framework has rules and limits. They will test those limits and sometimes go over them. It also means that there are exceptions. We have to choose the battles we want to fight and let some issues go. We need to remain firm on other issues – all of which depends on our values. 

How did life change after having your first child?

Well there’s no more drinks after work and lazy weekend mornings in bed! Having kids forces you to set up the rules you have always said you would never set when you had the rules put on you! 

In your opinion, what’s the most rewarding aspect of parenting?

For me, it’s when people tell me how nice my kids behave. I can have a hard time at home with them, to get things done. It’s sometimes hard to have them comply by the rules. We might fight and yell a little, but if their behavior is great when they are outside, if they actually live up to the values we are teaching them, then we’re doing a good job, even though we are not benefiting from it directly!


How is parenting today compared to the way you were raised by your parents?

I think we are probably educating our children more like young adults than they were. We include them in our dinner discussions and decisions. Whether that’s where we should go on holidays or what they should wear the next day – even what they want  to eat tonight! Our parents didn’t do that as much. Will that make more independant and decision-making people than we are? Only the future will tell!

What was the hardest moment in this journey as a family to overcome?

I think making room for ourselves as a couple is really what we have the hardest time doing. Hopefully it won’t have disastrous consequences. Unfortunately we are never just the two of us. We do enjoy it, being with the kids all the time, but I think a couple needs some time off. Stamina is key in the long term!

What annoys you the most about parenting?

You have to be the bad guy, it’s a role I never wanted to play. You have to forbid what’s cool! 

Now is your chance to embarrass your kid – tell me an embarrassing story

I don’t have any that comes to my mind, seriously!

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