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Inside or Outside activities for a rainy day

I think most of us just hate rain. For different reasons. It affects our mood, we don't want to wake up to a rainy day or we hate it because traffic gets crazy. It is crazy already, specially if you live in London or some sort of big city. For me, I don't really hate it. It just makes me not want to get out of the house, course, If possible. I still have a job to attend to and apparently what I want to achieve in my professional life, that goal specific, it does not care if it rains or if I am in a bad mood. Anyway, there is plenty of stuff to do even if the weather is not really the best. Either in the house or if you are brave enough to go outside.. 

Let's see.

1. Reading 

  I will not try to explain the benefits of reading one hour a day, or to give that sort of advice, like this guy here. You are not going to be able to do that if you read one hour a day, me neither, probably the ones who did it, regret it. But reading is fun, if you learn how to enjoy it. At some point, I was trying to force myself to read, just because I heard in the motivational environment about its benefits. So I tried to force it, read different things and books just to find myself loosing interest really soon. Don't force this thing, learn from my mistake.  It changed a bit when I tried to read books related to my interests, some of them could be about Marketing or success, or something classic like this. Simple wisdom, nothing more. When you find proper subjects for you, not what others think would be good for you to read, your mind is going to click and reading is going to go further, not just for the rainy days. Try it out, see what happens.

2. Find a new recipe and bake together

  I know I know, all mums are out there are just tired of cooking. But this time, if the kids are home, get them involved. Make them work for those delicious chocolate chip cookies. Don't forget about the husband. Now it is payback time for all those times he left you alone with the kids, job related or other things to attent to. Make him do the cleaning and just relax on the couch. What a life, right ?

3. Teach your kids a new card game

  Ok, this sounds fun, but I am not sure which card games you can teach your kids. Just because I do not have kids yet and where I am from card games are kinda of different, never heard of them in the West. But, I do have a clue and you can find it right here. Just please, do not teach them Poker, yet. They might tell you the next day that they found their career path. Really, kiddo ?

4. Easiest solution and possibly, the most rewarding

  You don't want to do any of the things mentioned above. Or other things. Then it's a classic. It's why Netflix is doing so good in revenue. Pop some popcorn, dress comfy, lights dim and a nice glass of wine. It's time for a Netflix marathon. Finally time to start that TV show you keep hearing about at the office, maybe watch one of the classic movies you keep watching over and over, or a new one. Again, pick your favorite. I swear, out of all tried, this is still the most rewarding thing you can do on a rainy day or a lazy day. Too bad you can't do it too often, you might start to feel you're wasting your time and then, oh boy... 

5. Try something new in town, if you're really bored of staying at home

  I understand, too much time in the house, don't want to hear a thing about cooking, reading or teaching your kids some card game. They will learn them anyway by the time they get to college. Fun stuff is easy to learn. Maybe too easy. Put on some nice clothes and head downtown or somewhere new, not far from home. Now, there is a million things you could do. Bowling is overrated. Try an Escape Room, Paintball or actually try to visit a fun Museum. These things are up to you, I don't know what you tried or not, what would you like to try. I know for me, I get bored if I do same things for fun, pretty fast. So try new things, it's a game changer.


There we go, a few things to do on a rainy day, either outside or inside. I know there is tons of them to try out, I just highlighed a few, don't want to stress you out too much. Most of them they're really simple, normal activities, nothing crazy. But joy is in the small things...


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