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5 meaningful gift ideas

Every year, December is special, indeed. Christmas with the family, maybe we review the year that just passed and why not, set some unrealistic New Year's resolutions. Like hit the gym really hard only to find ourselves late January hitting the couch with a bag of chips. (nothing wrong with that)

Presents, we love getting presents for Christmas, but it is stressful. All these questions in our head "will they like it?" or "which one would be better ?"...

So, to save you some time, we came up with a short list of presents for loved ones. Like meaningful presents, not just key chains and silverware.

And no, we are not going to brag about our Photo Books, don't worry. 


1. Long distance touch lamps

I love this one. Family is indeed, everything, we cannot be close to them all the time because job, relationships and life. After a long day at work, we are not in the mood to talk anymore, not even with our parents. Or maybe they are worried that  we are not home yet, but they do not want to call, it's kinda of late. 

So, this is a meaningful gift, it shows that no matter how far away we are from our loved ones, we still think of them constantly. 

When you buy a set, you can send one of the lamps to the other person. It is pretty easy to set them up, you have to create an online account and connect the devices through their serial numbers.

This way, whenever you touch your lamp, the other one is going to automatically turn on, letting them know that you arrived home or you are thinking of them but cannot talk right now.

It is something that makes home sickness a little easier to bear.

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2. A cooking class

You don't have to be into cooking necessarily for this one. But I mentioned it here because I feel that we all should know how to cook, at least a few things. Now, not each one of us should know how to do this. No, not talking about that.

But easy things, salads, eggs, small plates for breakfast. Due to work reasons and many more, we sometimes tend to neglect this aspect of our life and we wake up later on at the drive by of some restaurant asking for fries and burgers. 5 days a week. We all heard of Warren Buffett's diet and if he's 89 with this diet, why can't I have burgers and fries every day ?

Disclaimer: we do not have billions of dollars, best doctors in the world and God knows what else if the guy is still alive. I mean, just saying...

So, gift him or her a nice cooking class, learn how to cook some easy, healthy things, they will pay off. It will save some money in the long run, but more important health is something you don't mess up with. Health and angry moms..


3. Mobile Photo Portable Printer

Again, something different. Tired of all these personalised mug presents.

A portable Photo Printer is small enough to fit in her pierce or pretty much any small bag and it prints mini photos from phone using Wi-Fi connection. You can customize the photos within the app using filters, stickers and borders.

This one is really handy and fun, for all those moments you just don't want to wait to put them in a Photo Book or just don't want to purchase such thing. 

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4. A night out at their favorite sport event or concert, museum

Like any kind og event, you guys know better. Maybe there is a concert in town or close by, they really want to see that person live, but never got a chance. Now it is time to put this in practice, but be aware. For this kind of things you have to plan them in advance a bit. It is kinda of hard to synchronize with concerts or sport events, but it will pay off. 

I feel it is more meaninful and brings more joy. Keep this one a secret and only reveal it at the right time. It will make their day and your as well.

Bet you want to see him


5. Custom Pet Portrait

If they love their pet a lot, this is a fabulous idea and a decor that they're unlikely to already have.

Again, something a bit more different than the normal, day to day presents. 

We feel Christmas is special (but just Christmas, because December is a crazy month where we lose more hair than normal due to the stress of buying present and not fulfilling the past New Year's resolutions) so why not surprise your loved ones with a different kind of present.

There's plenty of options at our fingertips, thanks to this revolutionary tool, called Google. Just try a simple search, there's a few options and we cannot decide which one is the best for you. 


Something we missed on presents? If you have any ideas, just hit us in comments or here.


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