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5 Photo Apps for incredible Iphone photography

Everyone is in love with Photography, pretty much. Either that or her

We all love editing photos, capturing moments and maybe printing them.

They represent a part of us and all the happy moments in one's life.

Sometimes though, they need a bit of work, maybe using some filters or cathing a good posture or the right moment, it really depends. But no worries, technology is the new Holy Grail of our times and obviously photography is not left behind. There is tons of editing tools out there, but we are only going to mention 5 of them.

If we missed something, just hit us up here and let us know.


Let's get down to business.


1. Edit Lab Picture

Transform the look of any pics with 21 editing tools and effects.

Double exposure effect with 12 superior blend modes available. This app can help you remove red-eye, make the image look sharper, correct color, as well as saturation.

Price - free

Download - here



Classic. Can't ignore this one. This app is popular amongst pro photograpers and aspiring photograpers as well. Let me tell you why. 

Editing images is more flexible with features like HSL and borders. Over 200 professionally designed presets, you can augment any photo with precision.

What I do love the most about this app is the information provided. Tips, tricks and tutorials, so you can enhance your Photography skills, all in one place. No need to go back to the old pal Google to look for information and just dig through pages of information on photography. They have you covered. Check them out, won't regret it, I promise.

Price - starting from 0.99 $, cheaper than this

Download - here


3. ProCam 7

We talked about editing but what about getting to the bottom of photography ?

ProCam 6 is a game changer. Several shooting modes like slow shutter, burst mode, portrait, 3D and much more. 

Manual control is also available for a wide range of things like focus, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and even capturing RAW photos. Not to mention it comes with 60 designed filters and 17 lenses including things like vignette, white vignette, fish-eye and much more. No more need for words, it is something you must try on. We promise it is not going to dissapoint. 

Price - 5.99 $

Download - here


4. Adobe Photoshop Mix

We're getting serious here, peeps. 

Getting rid of unwanted sections in your photos, merge photos or creating attractive image blends. You can also adjust colors or contrast to use preset filters, even enhance the quality of your photos.

When all done, just share it with your friends. Make them jealous, why not ?

Price - Free

Download - here


5. Snapseed

With 26 advanced tools and filters, editing becomes easy and fun. Edit any raw files and then export them as JPEG, adjust exposure and color with 7 handy controls. 

More into fashion ? Ok, then add the glamour glow available, or if you are in a retro mood you can use light leakes and scratches.

Price - free

Download - here


Bonus - EyeEm

After all this work is done and you wasted some precious time in finding the best apps for you, why not gain some exposure or even sell some of the photos ? It can become a nice gig, if you have some spare time to invest.

Maybe it is time to put on hold your Netflix Subscription. Game of Thrones is over.

License your photos on the market and get some extra green bills in your pocket.


I know. Android users are already raising eyebrows and asking "what about us?"
Are we ignored just like that, because we don't share same opinions with this guy ? (by this guy, I mean Steve Jobs, but the GIF is really funny, had to put it in) 
Not really, but I promise to come back with best photography apps for Android users too. Now, let's stick with Apple users, just because we are... i don't know...something...

So, top 5 photography apps for all Iphone users out there, so they can edit their beautiful memories and why not, maybe turn them into a Photo Book one day, maybe with Tremo Books, because we are cooler or maybe not, who knows. 


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