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5 Sydney Museums to visit with your kids

For us, europeans, Sydney is kinda of far away, like literally.

It is one of those places we would like to visit someday, maybe spend a few days there, enjoy the sun and the weather, taste local food and talk to the australian people.

We definitely can say that australians are warm, patient and kind and this is not something made up by us on a random Monday morning, in some office in London. No, it comes from our experience, working close with people from this part of the world. 

But today's post it is not so much about them, it is more about Sydney, it is about this city and we would like to mention 5 museums to visit with your kids in Sydney. 

And why not, maybe one day we will visit them with our kids. I mean, maybe, there is so much interesting stuff on Netfix, not sure which one of them is more important.


1. The Museum of Contemporary Art

Great place, great things to do and family friendly. We recommend the Art Safari or Art Play for a perfect family day inside this museum. If you would like to enjoy a coffee or appetizers just head over to the rooftop, where the menu changes seasonally. Definitely a spot to visit, with a great program for children of all ages.

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2. Australian National Maritime Museum

Your kids would love to get hands on with Captain's Cook ship and relive his voyage to Australia. Down at Darling Harbour, the museum presents a changing program of stimulating exhibitions and events, including the coolest experience of Arctic Voices where kids can pounce, hop, push and crawl their way through the Arctic, and come face to face with giant polar bears.

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3. Justice and Police Museum

You may have not considered this one, but it is definitely making on our list. You will be truly fascinated learning about Sydney's past, tempers lost, deals done and laws broken. Their Bushrangers Behind Bars program is an awesome courtroom experience where you can participate in a mock trial! Guilty or not-guilty? You decide!

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4. Powerhouse Museum

There are two absolutely fantastic exhibitions for families. The first is the refurbished Wiggles Exhibition, which features an interactive Big Red Car and memorabilia from the new cast including Lachie's teddy bear and Ema's ballet slippers. The second is a brand-new exhibition opening June 2019 which celebrates the Apollo Moon landing and has a huge representation of the moon's surface.

Hint - children under 16 go FREE

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5. The Sydney Observatory 

Beginning with Aboriginal astronomy, take a look at the exhibitions before climbing up into the famous telescope domes and exploring the sky with experienced guides. At night, you could see stars, planets in the solar system, the Moon or even nebulae that are light years away. By day you can observe the active Sun with special lenses.

There are always different exhibitions and tours happening - and kids love meeting REAL astronomers. For more information on their current programs check out their website.

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This is it folks. I am sure we missed some cool spots to visit with your kids. If you would like to mention them, why not just get in touch with us and write it on our blog?

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