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Recording your Holiday Memories

Christmas  – yes the dreaded c- word isn’t that far away! Before I get too carried away – you probably have the half term holidays to go first. Whether or not you’re heading away for the holidays, recording your family memories will be high up the priority list. When you’re on holiday, how do you make the most of the location and get great photos you can look back on for years to come?

Pick your places – Google Maps is your friend!

It can seem like a bit of a minefield but read on for some easy tips to do just that. The first thing to do is to scout out the places you want to visit. This could be anything from the local sealife centre to the town centre or seafront. The places you visit don’t have to be expensive – they can even be free! It’s a good move to start your holiday with a selection of places to cater for all weathers – a walk along the seaside in the pouring rain might not be your favourite thing to do!


Keep your eyes open

After you’ve picked the places – be sure to keep your eyes open! For me, taking photos on holiday is all about picking up the small details – that’s what I want to remember! Look around you and at all angles. The best pictures can come from the most unusual places. Keep an eye out for a natural frame. This could be from trees or some kind of building with an unusual viewpoint. Or perhaps it’s the prime location for a family photo? When you’re out somewhere special keep in mind what you can and can’t replicate at home. Sometimes I find that video is the best way of capturing every angle, the atmosphere and day as a whole.

Let the camera do the work

Let the camera do the work. Unless you’re a pro photographer, let the camera help you out where it can! By all means experiment but don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to know everything about it before you begin. Use the ‘auto’ mode to your advantage! If you’re using a DSLR and fancy taking it a bit further – try moving your camera onto the ‘A’ mode. This is aperture priority and the mode you can use to give you a bit more control of your camera. Aperture priority allows you to set an ‘f’ number. For anything close up, choose a low f number (think flowers and your pets for this mode!), as you go more towards cityscapes and landscapes increase your f number.


Use your angles…

It’s amazing what angle can do for a photo! Even if you look a bit weird, get down low or high on your subject. Pick a focus for your picture – what do you want people to look at? It goes without saying – make sure you’re safe when you do this! Crouching down at the waters edge could cause you way more issues than you fancy, even if it’s just wet clothes! If you’re taking a picture of an animal, it helps to get down to their level – see things from their perspective!

Remember the food

Everyone needs to eat, right? Food is by far my favourite part of going on holiday. If you’re going abroad it’s a chance to sample the culture of that particular country.  Even the way they dine can be a unique photo opportunity – think alfresco dinners across central Europe! Independent coffee shops can be hidden gems as far as photography is concerned. Some can have artwork hung up or cute displays. Failing that – I always say cake is a work of art! 

Back your photos up!

This the most vital step of all. I’d always reccomend backing up your photos in more than one place, in case something happens! There’s so many cloud storing platforms you can choose – Google Photos, Dropbox and Amazon Photos are all good options. Remember that even just uploading them to a social media platform is one way to back your memories up.


Whether you’re after glitz and glam or something for free, fun can be found in the strangest of ways! 


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