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5 London Museums to visit with your kids

London is a great place for pretty much everything.

Opportunities, quality of life, innovation and education, you name it. Of course, some people are complaining about the whole weather thing or the traffic, just the big city life overall, but leaving all that on the side, London is definitely a place to visit, at least. 

Now, there is a bunch of places in this city to visit with your kids. If you live there or close by, if you are visiting from other places in Europe or some other part of the world, the following spots on our list are a must...


1. Natural History Museum

  The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items with five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology.
The Natural History Museum in London has one of the world's most famous dinosaur exhibits. The museum features the first T-rex fossil ever discovered plus a specimen of the Baryonyx, a large carnivorous dinosaur. It also has exhibits split into four zones. The Blue Zone has a life-size model of a blue whale that leaves kids in awe, while the Red Zone, dedicated to geology, takes the whole family on a journey to the centre of the Earth. The Green Zone includes birds, fossil marine reptiles minerals or the Vault. Not to forget about the Orange Zone where we can head to the Darwin Centre or the Wildlife Garden. 

Head over there with your kiddo, for an interactive lesson of History. 

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2. V&A Museum of Childhood

  Although, your kids might be dissapointed that they cannot play with the toys inside, this museum takes an extra step to include interactive exhibits that will keep little hands busy. Adults can enjoy nostalgic displays of dolls’ houses and rag dolls dating back to the 1600s, while kids can try rocking horses and play with Lego. The museum also has free daily activities such as treasure hunts.

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3. Hornimam Museum and Gardens

  This is a game changer. Founded in 1901, has around 16 acres (6 hectares) of gardens to explore plus free activities for the children. It also houses dozens of family-friendly exhibits, including the Nature Base, which features live animals; a hands-on display that lets kids touch museum pieces; and an aquarium with 15 exhibits of environments from around the world.

You might need a whole day to visit and explore this museum, but we think it is a must on our list. 

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4. Science Museum

  Founded in 1857, with app. 3 millions visitors each year this museum does not need any kind of introduction. It has exhibits for every age group, with galleries for kids under 5 or the Pattern Pod for kids up to 8. Like other publicly funded national museums in the United Kingdom, the Science Museum does not charge visitors for admission, although visitors are asked for a donation if they are able.

The Science Museum now holds a collection of over 300,000 items, including such famous items as Stephenson's Rocket, Puffin Billy (the oldest surviving steam locomotive) the first jet engine or the Apollo 10 command module.

How cool is that ? A bunch of things to do and see inside this museum, we bet you cannot get bored inside. If you get bored and we lose a bet, you get a free Tremo Book. Just get a hold of us. 

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5. National Maritime Museum

  Located in Greenwich, London, the historic buildings form part of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site and it also incorporates the Royal Observatory and the 17th-century Queen's House.

Also, 10 free galleries to explore, collections of artworks, maps and memorabilia, ideal for kids interested in pirates or adventures. 

Kids can also easily spend hours playing and working together in the interactive boatyard, where exploration and adventure come to life. Older children will appreciate the Ship Simulator gallery, where they can try to pilot a ship and steer it into port.


Because there's so many museums and places to visit in London, we are going to continue our series next Monday, with other interesting museums or things to do in London, so stay tuned...

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