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Where to go in Europe l Ep. 1

Although January it's still here, we know there's lots of people out there planning early ahead any family trips or weekend travelling. So, we got a few tips on beautiful cities to visit in Europe. The Old Continent is pretty big, so that's why we decided to split this article in episodes, with weekly updates. If you're not into travelling we're gonna come up with some of the best TV shows on Netfix, maybe. 


We're going to skip the big names like Paris, London or Rome, not because they do not deserve a visit, more of the fact that they are advertised everywhere, so let's try and see other spots.


1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Nicknamed  the Athens of the North, burrowed beside long-dormant volcanoes and reigning over green moorlands, Edinburgh is the second most visited city in UK.

Lots of things to do, for everyone. History enthusiasts will enjoy Edinburgh Castle or Holyroodhouse Palace or any other attractions down on the Royal Mile. If you're not so crazy about history and you're looking for a more live-as-the-locals experience head to the outer-lying neighborhood pubs, shops and parks. New Town is the place to go for shoppers while art enthusiasts will enjoy the National Gallery of Scotland. 

Spring and early fall are the sweet spots to find better hotel and airfare deals. The weather is relatively mild, so if you are ok with that and want to save some money, go ahead for it. June through August is the busiest time of the year, especially in August when all the festivals fill up the calendar. 


2. Reykjavik, Iceland

Situated in Iceland, this town has lots of things to offer, although you have to be aware of the weather, not the friendliest. Iceland is, in fact, an icy island for pretty much half of the year. But let's not judge this city so fast, in the winter both tourists and Icelanders warm up in in this capital's geothermal spas, or enjoy drinks in the beauty of aurora borealis, away from the city lights. Summer time is accompanied by long days, some of them even get to 20 hours of sunlight and warm temperatures.

There are also gushing waterfalls, awe-inspiring geysers, expansive glaciers and wide-open spaces filled with Icelandic horses and sheep. Plus, Reykjavik boasts a raging nightlife scene and a surprisingly good handful of museums and local shops.


3. St. Petersburg, Russia

Situated at the geographical borders of East and West, St. Petersburg was inspired by the intricate and ordered architecture of Western Europe, but it's still infused with a vibrant Russian personality. The city owes its architecture to its founder Peter the Great, a lover of all things European. 

Inspired by Western architecture, the city it's also an epicenter of Russian Culture, as the place where Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev all found their voice. 

Best things to do here include the Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood or St. Isaac's Cathedral. 

Moscow might be know for luxury and decadence but St. Petersburg offers a compromise between the expensive tastes of Russia's capital and overrated, crowded cities of Western Europe.


4. Granada, Spain

This gem is tucked away among the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain, characterized by an European charm and a strong sense of mystery. Granada's history as a former Moorish Empire is fascinating.

Its age-old architecture enchants and its rich culture enthralls the scores of travelers who make the trek to this small Spanish city every year. And visitors may quickly discover that in Granada, anything is possible. You can catch a flamenco show in caves once inhabited by African gypsies, shop goods that can be found on the streets of Morocco, hike the foothills of Spain's largest national park and – with Granada's thriving tapas scene – never pay a dime for dinner. So when in Granada, embrace the city in all its unique forms and if anything, allow yourself to get completely lost in its splendor, you won't regret it.


5. Prague, Czech Republic 

Prague was once a hidden gem, overshadowed by its flashier neighbors to the west. But the city couldn't keep its marvels a secret for too long – now, it's a haven for travelers seeking awe-inspiring experiences at affordable prices. Even today, top attractions – including the famous Charles Bridge and the historic Prague Castle – offer free admission and many hotels offer rooms at a fraction of the cost of other European cities. But this bargain-hunting legacy has a ticking clock on it, so if you're hoping to find a fire-sale price, now's the time to do so. 


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