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Where to go in Europe l Ep. 2

Happy Monday everyone! As promised, we are going to continue our series of places to visit in Europe, small and big gems, hidden or more popular. Cities have been carefully picked according to certain criteria like architecture, culture, gastronomy or discoveries. 

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1. Porto, Portugal 

The marvellous "Cidade Invicta"(unvanquished city), Porto has to be on your bucket list in this lifetime. The city has a certain charm to itself starting with the river Douro in the Ribeira, Foz de Douro's, its stunning architecture or Palacio da Bolsa.

You can fly it over by the helicopter or take a cruise tour on its river to discover more. Vibrant city with colorfoul streets waiting to be discovered, it is really easy to fall in love with this place. You might even ask yourself how would it be if you would relocate over here. Really, how would that be? 

Regarding accomodation there is something for every kind of budget. If you want to spend less per night, you can definitely find that or if you' re looking to have your kids spoiled and show them Manuel ll's lifestyle, hey, I don't see why not. 

Prices start from 96€ per night for 2 adults with 2 children and they can go all the way up to 388€ per night.

Regarding Gastronomy there is a few dishes that you must try in Porto. Starting with Caldo Verde, which is a traditional kale soup, Tripas à Moda do Porto, Francesinha or Cozido a Portuguesa we'll let you discover all these great dishes on your own. 

Moving on...


2. Bratislava, Slovakia

A modern city on the Danube, this place can be described as an old soul city with a modern and exciting present. Esquisite cuisine, affordable and unique atmosphere are some of the characteristics of this destination.

If you are coming here, or better said, when you are coming here you have to visit one of these spots or all three of them, to be honest: Bratislava Castle, UFO Tower or St. Martin's Cathedral. Stunning places, lots of history, combined with modern techniques of preserving the original architecture, they are indeed some of the best things to see here. 

Pricing for accomodation starts from 47€ per night for two adults and two children and they can go all the way up to 292€ per night or even more if you want something really high-end.

Again, it really depends on your budget, you can spend lots of money or you can actually be smart and save, in order to spend on other things, like this for example. So you don't step on his car toys on a Monday morning, get mad out of nowhere and ask yourself why do you even have kids.

Regarding traditional Slovak dishes you need to try, the goulash soup is a mix of beef, onions, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and a spice mixture is a must, maybe some dumplings with sheep cheese or why not a delicious cabbage soup. There is more to discover but we'll let you discover that. 


3. Poznan, Poland

5th largest city in Poland, situated halfway between Berlin and Warsaw, this city is one of the oldest in Poland. Combines a unique heritage of rich culture, entrepreneurship and lively atmosphere.

Polish statehood was born here in the 10th century and it is believed that Duke Mieszko was baptised here, but no one can confirm that, we live in 2020 and we don't even know what happened 20 years ago, in some cases, so you guess my point.

Regarding must-see attractions you will find Stary Ryne, the old market square with its stunning Renaissance Town Hall. Youngest castle in Europe, built in the early 20th century for German emperor Wilhelm II is also situated in this spot, so make sure you don't miss it out. 

Stop by Stary Browar, an old brewery which does not produce beer anymore but it has become a shopping, art and business centre, awarded in 2006 as the best medium size shopping centre in the world. 

Accomodation starts from 49€ per night for two adults and two children and it can go all the way up to 207€, which is amazing pricing, still better than Donald Trump's Maralago.

Another strong point is its original, regional cuisine. It will please the gourmands' palates as well. Tens from Poznan's hundreds of restaurants are recommended by the Polish edition of the prestigious Gault&Millau Yellow Guide.


4. Tbilisi, Georgia

Located on the banks of the river Mtkvari and home to people of multicultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, Tbilisi is a city founded 6000 years ago by the King Vakhtang Gorgasali. The city is always on the move with vibrant spots like Rustaveli Avenue, Aghmashenebeli Avenue or Old Tbilisi

A bunch of concert halls around the city where you can choose classical concerts or live performances from Georgian or international artists.

Tbilisi is also a heaven for gourmets, where food is literally astonishing. Because of its geographical location, Georgian cuisine has absorbed the best culinary traditions of Middle East, Europe and Western Asia. However, despite its influences still managed to remain authentic and full of personality with refined palate.

Georgia is also the oldest wine region in the world, with 8000 years of history behind and there is no feast that goes without georgian wine and the traditional toastmaster - Tamada. So, you might want to consider leaving your kids at the hotel. Just kidding, really, don't do that.

Pricing for accomodation starts from 20€ per night and it can go all the way up to 470€ for two adults and two children.

Which brings us to the final spot of the week...


5. Riga, Latvia

Situated close to the Daugava River and the Gulf of Riga, this city has a special relationship with nature. Many public parks, lakes, forests, as well as hills, islands and beaches. You name it, they have it. The city architecture is compact so everything is situated relatively close and within walking distance.

One of the strong points of this spot is its architecture ranging from Baroque to Classicism, Renaissance to Art Deco or Romanesque to National Romanticism.

Art Nouveau buildings, complete with their fantastically ornate flourishes, stands out as unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Riga is also known as a place for innovative start-ups, excellent music and modern art scene.

Pricing for accomodation starts from 16€ per night and it can go all the way up to 361€ for two adults and two children.

Dynamic gastronomy milieu, in which local chefs compete in their search for “the flavour of Latvia” and thus bring an appreciative smile to the face of a gourmet traveller.


This was it for today peeps, see you next week!

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