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8 Reasons why you'll fall in love with Samoa

When it comes to holiday destinations, Samoa might not be one of the first places that comes to yout mind. It should be. For such a small country situated in the middle of such a vast ocean, Samoa is jammed packed full of fun and exciting things to do.

From the abundance of natural wonders to luxury resorts, here are eight reasons you'll fall in love with Samoa.

1. Pristine Beaches

Thanks to local decisions on land development and investment, nearly all of Samoa's beaches lie empty. You can be sure to walk anywhere along the coastline and find nothing but clean, pristine, white-sandy beaches. Most of these beaches should also be open to you, provided you check in with the local village first. Some may charge you a small fee, but it's not a hard choice to make, considering the money goes back into their communities. The most sought after is Lalomanu Beach, often considered a paradise on Earth.

2. Local Markets

All of Samoa's main islands will have markets in their urban centres. The more tourist inclined stalls at Apia offer lots of handcrafted goods such as necklaces, mats and sarongs.
Many stalls throughout the week will have you haggling, sampling and exploring all the freshly harvested goods. Where else could you find yourself sipping on a cold coconut while haggling over the price of a kava bowl?

3. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Yes, you read that right. It's not well known, but the famous author of classics like Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde spent the later years of his life settled in Vailima. His estate exists today as a memorial for anyone to visit. Explore through his personal possessions and admired walking tracks around the estate.

4. Luxury Resorts

It's good to go for the authentic experiences when abroad, but it's worth considering the quality of Samoa's luxury hotels. Whether in the urban areas of Apia or the beach-fronts, the resorts cater to almost every want and desire. They have many many facilities for visitors, with pools to pass the day away, or bars and restaurants for the evening. You won't want to leave.

5. Lava Coast

Samoa is a land of ancient volcanoes and sea-swept islands. Take a trip to the O Le Pupu Lava Coast and see the magnificent cliffs overlooking dramatic islets and rocky formations. It's the kind of experience that will stick with you. Make sure you back up any photos you take so that people will believe what you saw. It's the kind of scenery you can't describe in words. 


6. Sea-life Tours

Samoa is teeming with sea-life of all kinds. Check with local tour operators to see what you can go looking for. Turtle tours, coral snorkelling and whale watching. It's all there!

7. Waterholes and Waterfalls

The geography of Samoa accommodates some of the most stunning natural wonders. Places such as Papapapaitai Falls, Papasea Sliding Rocks and Ti Sua Trench are must visits.

8. Relaxation

With all the things available on offer, sometimes you might just prefer to do nothing at all! There's a reason for the trope of kicking back in a sun-lounger on the beach, sipping a coconut through a straw and taking in the tropical sun. A few weeks of this, and you'll be ready to take on the world when you come back home!

It's hard to describe the attraction of Samoa in eight points, but a few of them should spark your love for this underappreciated Pacific nation. Who knows? You may find many other reasons along the way. The next time you're looking for a place of adventure, culture and rejuvenation, look no further than Samoa.

Harper loves the sand and sea as much as she does writing! She’ll take any opportunity to hit the beach, and a tropical island is her holiday destination of choice to escape from the mad rush of city life. Check out more of her
work on her personal blog.


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