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Family Stories l Chapter 13 - Hollie

Here on our blog we’re shining a light on Mums from all walks of life. In this article we talk to Hollie, mum of two, based in UK, read on to see what she has to say on all things parenting…


1. What does Parenting mean to you?

Parenting to me means it is up to you to raise this little person the best you can as it will determine the kind of adult they will become! It’s so important to teach them love and kindness to others. I find parenting to be like learning to ride a bike, in the beginning you fall off a few times but you will get back up and keep going until it becomes second nature to you.

2. How did your life changed after having your first child?

We were both in our early twenties, still going out to clubs, festivals, holidays together! We weren’t expecting our first child so this changed everything for us but as soon as he was born we wouldn’t of changed anything, he was our little blessing, there is no better feeling than holding your first born baby, everything else just disappears.

3. In your opinion, what’s the most rewarding aspect of parenting?

The most rewarding part of parenting for me was the first time my little boy said “I love you!” The cuddles he gives you and holding your hand are definitely the cherished moments and I hope they last for a long time, he is now 6 years old and would still like to cuddle up and watch a film, those are the best days for me.

4. How is Parenting today comparing to the way you have been raised by your parents?

Parenting is a lot similar in my home as to what I was brought up with, I’ve learnt how I was brought up to do the same with my children, I have never believed in slapping your child, I would raise my voice and if he was naughty he would go to his room until he comes out to apologise, which is what I would have done as a child, it teaches them how to say sorry in situations when they know they are wrong in what they have done. I do find it funny that I can hear my mother’s voice when I tell my son off and would repeat the same phrases she would have done.

5. What was the hardest moment in this journey, as a family, to overcome? 

That hardest part in our journey as a family, we were moving house and for my husbands occupation as a fireman, he needed to stay close to the local fire station so he had to move in with his mum and I moved in with my parents and the kids, we had to go back and forth to see each other for a couple of months which was hard but it definitely brought us closer and we eventually moved into our new house.

6. What annoys you the most about Parenting?

I’ll be totally honest, losing sleep annoys me the most about parenting! No matter how many time’s you do it night after night getting up to see to your teething baby six times in the night, you never get used to it as people would tell you, if I could skip this part I happily would.

7. Now is your chance to embarrass your kid – tell me an embarrassing story!

We were away on a trip in a big city, walking along my son was in front of us and as there were so many people crossing the road at the same time my son grabbed hold of the lady’s hand in front of us saying “mummy!” The lady looked down and laughed, he was so embarrassed and quickly realised and looked back towards us and ran, he hid behind me and didn’t let go of my hand the rest of the day!


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