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Where to go in Europe l Ep. 4

Ep. 4 from our series, where to go in Europe, where we discover some of the best places to visit on the Old Continent. 


1. Ronda, Spain

Situated in the heart of Serrania de Ronda, aproximately 100 km away from Malaga and with a population of cca. 36000 people, Ronda has a long history, being declared a city by Julius Cezar, in the first century AD, stunning views and plenty of activities to choose from. 

Home to some fantastic wineries, Ronda is now on the official wine route in Spain, so why not stop by to taste some wine first? after all, you're in vacation. 

You can start with Bodegas Vetas or Bodegas F-Schatz, these would be just 2 out of 21, the total number of wineries in the area. Great wine, history and good conversations, nothing more needed.

A famous landmark in Ronda is Puente Nuevo , completed in 1793 which reunites the old parts of the town with newer ones and it also offers stunning views over the El Tajo Gorge. A must stop place for this small little town. 

Ronda is also home to two of the country's most influential bullfighting families and you can learn more about their history at Plaza del Toros. Other spots to visit here include Jardines de Cuenca, Baños Arabes or Palacio del Roy Moro y La Mina

Ronda is one of those place that can leave you speechless with its history, stunning views and welcoming people so make sure you take lots of photos, have good conversations and maybe plan to come back one day.


2. Kotor, Montenegro 

Centuries ago, Kotor was built with a specific goal, to confuse invaders, so the architects build the city like a maze. Fortunately, nowadays, invaders are not something we're expecting on a monthly basis, so you can easily get lost in Kotor, we actually encourage you to do that. 

Good news for the cat lovers, Kotor has a fascination with these little pets, no one knows why really, but if you take a close look, you will see that all of the are taken care of by the locals. Kotor even has a cat museum, so if you fancy a stop, check it out. But the biggest attraction here is Stari Grad, the city's old centre, protected by UNESCO, it's easy to spend the whole day here, just wandering around the walls, getting lost through their history. 

Where will you get if you climb 1350 steps? Castle of San Giovanni it is. Definitely, you will need some energy to climb all these steps, but you will not regret the effort. Situated at 280 metres above the Stari Grad, even the cats are too lazy to climb here, but at the top, the view is just stunning over the whole bay. Make sure to take lots of photos. The castle itself has a lot of history behind, first built in Illyrian times, it survived earthquakes, was rebuilt a few times, but today, its welcoming its visitors to wander around grass covered ruins and listen to his stories. 

If you can manage to tear yourself from the city's old centre, we recommend taking a tour on the Bay of Kotor.


3. Cobh, Ireland 

Candy colored homes along the water, a towering cathedral guarding the city and a commerorative museum for the Titanic. This is how we can describe Cobh, in Ireland. 

So much to do here, we recommend starting with Cobh Heritage Centre and follow the Queenstown Story, to discover the tale of Irish Immigration starting from the 1600's when transportation to the British colonies was commonplace. 

Overlooking the Cork Harbour, you can find the Cobh Museum which reflects the cultural, social and maritime history of the city. Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, was the last port of Call for the RMS Titanic, you can find out more about this at the Titanic Experience. 

Another must see in this small irish gem is the St. Colman's Cathedral, finished in 1919, with a stunning architecture which completely dominates the skyline. Make sure you have plenty of memory space on your phone or camera to photograph the Deck of Cards, a row of houses built in the 1850's, streching up a steep street in Cobh. 


4. Interlaken, Switzerland

Beautiful lakes and old timber houses, Interlaken is very popular among adventure travelers. Sledging and kayaking is the tip of the iceberg here, but maybe the most popular thing to do is the skydiving experience which starts with a 20 minute fly over the mountains, then 45 seconds of free fall before your instructor opens the parachute. This is a fancy way of seeing the Swiss Alps. 

We'll let you discover more on your own, but if you are looking for something that offers you more adrenaline, or you're just tired of museums and history, pay a visit to this small gem on our list. 


5. Nuremberg, Germany

There's a lot to visit in Germany, each city has its own charm, but Nuremberg stands out for its distinct blend of old and new. Once "unnoficial" capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg is known for many other things today. 

Starting from the simple "Bratwurst" which tastes delicious and can be found only in this city, being protected by EU law, visit the Kaiserburg castle, a symbol of power back in the day or the German National Railway Museum, you will find activities to match your agenda. 

Don't forget to stop by the city's old town, which was completely restored to the original state after WW2 and it is now home to one of the largest pedestrian zones in Europe and an impressive number of historical buildings and museums.


That was it for today. See you next week!

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