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About us

We are Tremo Books and this is how everything started and how everything is coming together, slowly. 

Each memory is a part of our story, it has an emotion attached, an image, a person. We take photos to seize each moment of joy, contentment or pure happiness.

Through digital we capture these moments, every day, fast. But when we look back to all these important occasions, we need something more tangible, more personal than just photos, more like a Photo Book.

A year ago, we were pretty frustrated about this thing. We wanted something that can print high quality photos in a fast way. Not satisfied with already existing services on the market we started Tremo Books.

Fast forward one year, we made lots of families happy, from Australia all the way to Canada or Italy and we soon realised this is not the end but more like the beginning of a journey. 

An adventure we approach with dedication, persistence and orientation to our customers, to the families that made this possible.

Four friends, lots of challenges ahead, approached with excitement and hard work.

We are Tremo Books + and each one of you is a part of our story.